A Time For Pause: Perimenopause

Mindfulness meditation

First, you are beautiful. Then, you are more beautiful.


Women in the process of perimenopause are becoming women of deep knowing. Some cultures teach respect as a way of life. We give attention to our Mother Elders as a way to sustain our human story. Matriarchs give birth to new Matriarchs. These women hold incredible value in their bodies because they have life experience. They have life wisdom living within them. 

When you arrive at the perimenopausal phase it is a transitional time, an act of becoming. When we are generative with ourselves, we can use our systems to interface with the world instead of being subject to the world. Instead of the world being put upon you, you get to pick and choose what you are going to pay attention to. This is Empowerment Medicine.



It’s a phase. Take some space.


As in nature, everything has its phases, like the moon and seasons. Mindfully holding space for ourselves to process this phase calls us toward quiet spaces where we can deeply listen to our inner selves. Let the space you need take as long as it needs to feel uplifted and supported. This is medicine within itself. 



Internal Heat


With perimenopause, a woman’s system will often generate internalized heat. This sizzle might manifest as anger, aggression, irritation, and/or frustration. Ladies, we feel you. We’ve all been there. The overwhelm can be externalized heat, where your body temperature changes dramatically in a matter of seconds, watch out, hot flashes! Or a combination of the two reinforcing our need for refreshment and pause.


Take the “mess” out of “hot mess”


This process can make any one of us feel like a “hot mess.”  We are officially taking the “mess” out of this process and reclaiming our heat as hot springs and geysers. With the addition of unpredictable menstrual cycles, it’s understandable to have feelings of overwhelming frustration. There’s help.


  1. Acupuncture is a very elegant treatment for the discomforts of perimenopause. Use this medicine more than once, it is best used in a series of treatments. Acupuncture is most effective when focusing on the regulation of systems. Its usefulness for regulating hormones during the phasality of perimenopause has been extremely beneficial for many women. 


  1. Herbs can also help regulate hormones during perimenopause. There are a lot of different herbs that women have used for centuries, all over the world. It is important to bring awareness to your own process as you work to find the right herbs for you. Dr. Sharp, our resident neurologist, can help you find the right herbs for your body.


  1. Somatic practice can also become a cornerstone of care. There is a surge of heat energy that becomes stronger during perimenopause. It often feels like anger, irritation, or frustration. Somatic practice moves soft tissue in a gentle way. And gentle movement can still the excess heat.  Using breath work and movement is the coolant that supports regulation. 

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