Are We Programmed to Push Ourselves?

Mindfulness meditation

Health Without Burnout


Staying active is important, but our bodies also need gentleness. Being healthy is not all about pushing ourselves. True health asks us to give our bodies the chance to rest, recover, and retrain old patterns. Gentle mind body therapies nurture us in important ways that high energy activities cannot. At Ha.Lé, we specialize in practices that offer a balance of mind body and spirit.


Somatic Processing

For instance, Somatics is a blend of yoga, physical therapy, and mindfulness. Based on our own mental and physical health goals, each somatic processing session sends you home with a sequence of gentle movements to do every day, like a daily dose of medicine. These mind body practices will reduce your stress levels, treat your aches and pains, address specific medical diagnoses, and rebalance your health.


Feldenkrais Method

One specific practice we offer is called the Feldenkrais Method. This mind body practice uses gentle motions and directed awareness to improve movement patterns. Whether you’re an athlete or dancer or just want to find more balance, Feldenkrais is a method that can support people of all ages and fitness levels. 



Studies show that Meditation and mindfulness offer tremendous health benefits. These gentle practices work to reset and reprogram the nervous system. As a result, the body moves from fight or flight mode into space of rest and regulation. All of Ha.Lé’s treatments offer mindful applications including one-on-one mindfulness coaching. 



Qigong uses standing movement and imagery to rebalance body and mind.  Health is most likely to thrive when we invest in our relationship with ourselves. Gentle practices are an important tool in releasing stress, building awareness of our mental and physical patterns, and nourishing ourselves on a deep level. 


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