Are You Programmed to Push Yourself?



Creating health is not always about how hard we push ourselves. Our bodies also require gentleness. Staying active is important, but so is giving the body opportunities to reconnect, to recover, and to retrain old patterns. Gentle therapies speak to the body in important ways that high energy activities cannot.  Mind Body Therapy is like a blend of yoga, physical therapy, and mindfulness. Based on your own mental and physical health goals, each session sends you home with a sequence of gentle movements to do every day, like a daily dose of medicine. Your sequence will be able to reduce your stress levels, treat your aches and pains, address specific medical diagnoses, and rebalance your health. Doing your practice every day is best, but even if you are only able to do your sequence sometimes, you should still come back after about 3 weeks. Your body and health will have already shifted, and we need to update your plan.  Awareness through Movement is a Feldenkrais class. It uses gentle motions and directed awareness to improve movement patterns. It helps everyone, from athletes and professional dancers to people with a fear of falling! Most people notice a difference after only one class, as they realize that they can now move more effortlessly. Coming to class regularly can produce dramatic results. Class schedule Meditation and mindfulness classes are some of the most transformative gentle classes you will ever take. They work to reset and then reprogram the nervous system. This causes the body to move away from fight or flight mode and into rest and digest mode. Practiced regularly, these positive changes in the nervous system become easier and easier to achieve.  Ha.Lé offers several meditation and mindfulness classes: Deep Listening uses singing bowls and other sound therapies to move the mind and body into a meditative state. The Way of Qigong uses standing movement and imagery to rebalance body and mind. And Meditation and the Body uses mindfulness, seated meditation, and other techniques to reduce stress and change thought patterns. Class schedule Health is most likely to thrive when we invest in our relationship with ourselves. Gentle practices are an important tool in releasing stress, building awareness of our mental and physical patterns, and nourishing ourselves on a deep level. 


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