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What keeps you stuck and prevents you from reaching your health goals? For a lot of us, it’s body pain, like our neck, shoulder, or knee, that keeps us from being as active as we’d like. Or it is the overabundance of marketing around foods to eat and foods to avoid that muddies the waters around nutritious eating. It can also be issues like poor sleep, digestive difficulties, fatigue, or high stress that throw the rest of our health off balance.  Integrative health care can support you in addressing these kinds of obstacles.  An amazing place to start is with an Integrative Medical Consult. This is a chance to really look at the big picture of your health, both physical and mental, and to create a care plan that takes your whole self into consideration. Your treatments will all be evidence-based and proven effective, and your therapists will collaborate on your care, so that each session picks up where the last left off. Your plan will include whichever treatments across our 5 domains of care will best serve you, and will coordinate among them.   Another option is to come for Nutrition Therapy in order to optimize your relationship with food and exercise. This is NOT another list of things not to eat! Instead, it will support you in finding the foods, eating habits, and activity habits that best support your whole health, body and mind.  If you have a specific pain that bothers you, like knees that protest going for the runs you love so much, or low back pain that gets in your way, come see us for Bodywork. We use rehabilitative principles to reduce pain, restore range of motion, and revitalize tissues. Depending on your situation, we may also recommend acupuncture, mind body therapy, or other movement therapies to complement your bodywork treatments and speed your recovery. Acupuncture is another option for treatment, especially for things like fatigue, sleep issues, digestive trouble, and fertility. It works to rebalance the systems of the body, and so can address most health issues. It is a great complement to the care of your physicians and other providers, and is generally seen as very safe.  Health is a complex dynamic of body and mind. Improving our health can look like addressing the issues that leave us feeling stuck or in pain. It can also look like improving our performance, body and mind, as we reach our goals and develop new ones.  Ha.Lé is honored to support you in creating the health that best fits your needs. 


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