Receptivity as a New Normal

Mindfulness meditation

The act of receiving is a generative process. It holds potential for new opportunities beyond the rubric of normalcy. When we are receptive, we are in the action of adopting feeling states that invite us to explore our inner landscapes. Much like a gratitude journal, this new way of examining how we receive can cultivate healing. 


This is not a problem-solving-based idea. Instead, it is an invitation to go within our emotions and question how we engage with receiving. In school, we are rewarded for having the right answers. In our academic institutes, there are few places for inadequacy. When we exercise excessive right-doing, it extracts the gift of sensuousness. Receptivity includes our body, mind, and feelings.

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Integrating receptivity as a practice shifts our sense of self. The giggle of a child, the reflection of the sun on the water, an ant’s brilliant ability to carry a stick: this is concrete and abstract beauty that includes receptivity. 


The process of being receptive as a new normal isn’t complex. Receptivity isn’t problem-solving; we can’t get this wrong. This is about the ecology of being in our skin with our feelings and taking the time to notice how we feel. 


Profound insights come through receptivity. Here, we can tap into generative, creative new states of being. This can carry us forward into the future with humility and grace. 


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