Resilience in the Nervous System

Mindfulness meditation




The nervous system is the foundation of our resilience. When we work on our neurological tone, we improve our ability to withstand sudden changes. This improves balance, regulates stress responses, and improves our physical coordination. 

We often work with disharmony in coordinated tasks. The ways that we tone neurologically is different from how we tone our musculoskeletal system. Even when our muscles are strong and fit, we often still need more nervous system tone for better coordination. 

Building resilience through the nervous system is basic, as in fundamental. It is also an advanced practice. We get there through restorative practices. When we slow down and connect with our breath, we are toning the neurological system. This helps improve coordination, movement, and our ability to recover. 

We can think of building resilience through the nervous system as creating a protective sheath around our nerves, like a shock absorber. The more we work to build tone, the quicker we are able to adapt to and metabolize sudden changes. This includes everything from physical slips and stumbles to emotional shocks. 

Toning the nervous system makes it easier to stay responsive and recover faster. It can be an invaluable resource for long term health and graceful aging. We are not asking our bodies to live without fear, because that is not possible. Instead of trying to live fearlessly, our body mind, our neurological system, can learn to live with resilience.


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