The Revolution Lives in Your Body

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Many of us are feeling overwhelmed. Doubtful. Unsettled. Anxious. The signature of our time feels unpredictable and exhausting. The future is littered with uncertainty. Existing support systems no longer seem to give us what they once promised. Distractions are abundant and seem to increase by the minute. We are desperate for a way out.


But what if this discomfort is the way in? What if what we once knew no longer applies? Can we unlearn our learning? Is it possible to rewire old systems for upgraded functions?  The normality of what once was no longer works. We live in a time of disruption that creates opportunities for new ways of being. How we navigate this time depends on our willingness to ask discerning questions about who we are and where we come from. This includes the voices that make up all of us, not the few. 


This is not about fixing; this is about being. When people are increasingly feeling anxiety, what does that mean for humanity? How we feel ultimately sets the tone for how we live. So how do we change the way we feel?


We dive in. Going inward creates social justice. It is about the self-determination of our somatically intelligent body. When you move toward healing and change, you fundamentally change how you live in the world. Our feelings take up a lot of space; discovering ourselves as inherently beautiful helps us unstick old ways of being and creates new ways of thinking.

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When we step into the radical affirmations of our agency, we see that we are trusting in something much bigger than ourselves. We are not alone.


Author and Playwright Eve Ensler writes,

My revolution begins in the body. It isn’t waiting anymore. My revolution does not need approval or permission. It happens because it has to happen in each neighborhood, village, city, town, at gatherings of tribes, fellow students, women at the market, on the bus. It may be gradual and soft. It may be spontaneous and loud. It may be happening already; it may be found in your closet, your drawers, your gut, your legs, your multiplying cells in the naked mouth of taut nipples and overflowing breasts…


Perception is key. Healing and social justice work are about not doing things the way we have always done them. When systems are broken or being dismantled, that is the path forward. Find the imperfections and follow your intuition; the body knows what the mind has yet to perceive.  We can learn to see what’s broken as opportunities that create pathways for healthier ways to connect to ourselves.


We aren’t the people who need repair. The systems themselves need repair. When we heal ourselves by changing our perspective and affirming our inner knowing, we are doing social justice. We are changing what is; this changes the systems we are a part of. The revolution is in your body.


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