Season of the Heart

Mindfulness meditation

You can often find me at the farmers market during the summer months. There, you’ll find a bounty of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Creating beautiful meals from this dazzling array of colors and shapes offers a sense of this season’s abundance, reminding us to bring Summer into our lives as a dynamic season of growth.

The fire element carries transformative energy, heat expansion, and the height of activity.

It’s energetic and characterized by radiance, clarity, and initiative. With its potential for transformation, this element can be inviting, like the radiance of a fire. To understand this type of energy, let’s look at the flip side of its power, which is scorched and scattered when it’s too hot; it can be destructive, excessive, or exhausting. When the Fire Element is exhausted, it can be ineffective; it loses its dynamic qualities and can become easily deficient. The fire element is like the light of day illuminating- our Sun- The fire element guides our vision and understanding of the world. This kind of energy can fly and soar like a bird; for this reason, a “totem” animal for the Heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a red bird.

The fire element in a person is the part of the mind that clarifies and illuminates- the spark of mind or spirit, the mover and shaker, the Director.

It’s also the part of us that experiences emotion, the flames of passion, the scatteredness, and anxiety when things don’t seem together. It’s who we think we are and how we present ourselves to the outside world persona. When balanced, we sense everything in its place: contentment, peace, order, confidence, and togetherness. When we are happy, we are said to be “beaming.” Other emotions associated with the Heart/Fire element include joy, love, and compassion.

The colors associated with the fire element are reds and pinks. The organs in the heart system are the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and Triple Burner; the sense organ is the tongue, the means to nourishment and taste- both what we take into our mouths and what our aesthetics and how our heart/ mind uses its voice. If the voice is anything, it is a “self” emerging from sound, a marker of identity- we recognize each other by voice, especially if we are socially connected, which means our voices contain something in them that is a unique identifier of our persons.

Qigong exercises that condition heart qi will involve opening and closing the heart/ chest area, in front or back, and gently stretching the arms, especially along the outside from underarms to pinkies; also, meditations and exercises designed to strengthen one’s sense of centeredness, a state of being balanced and calm, help to root and embody heart qi. Because heart qi responds well to feelings of peace and contentment (accepting things as they are), meditations that focus on these themes work well. Contemplating things as they are is an excellent meditation for balancing and harmonizing the Heart.

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