Seeds of What Comes Next

Mindfulness meditation

We are in a process of seeding the conditions for what comes next. What we do now will nourish what comes, helping it emerge and grow. It is like working on the quality of the soil. We are preparing the conditions so that our seeds will sprout. 


This metaphoric soil quality is about nourishing our thoughts and actions, creating conditions for seeds to grow and flourish.  Right now, we might feel frozen and vulnerable.  Brené Brown talks about the power of vulnerability. Fully embracing vulnerability isn’t about predicting the future; it’s about courage.  Vulnerability helps us expand our perception and to feel connected. 


As humans, we need to feel connected and seen. It is hard-wired into our brain-body. When we don’t feel connected, it has an impact on our sense of worthiness. In Brené Brown’s research, she found that people who have a strong sense of belonging and connection will invest in the future wholeheartedly even if they can’t predict the outcome. They believe they are worthy of love and compassion.

There is a lot of vulnerability in our social field right now. It feels safer to be able to control and predict outcomes, and yet life has always been unpredictable.


We can sit with this vulnerability and tend to our soil by looking at the quality of our time. How are we spending our time? Is it worthwhile? How can we better reconnect with the things that are sacred and important to us? 


This process is all about being present. When we put time into the seeds of what nourishes us, we are investing in the quality of the soil of our lives, and seeding what comes next.  Finding joy, creativity, and gestures of kindness for ourselves and our community.  Plant on! 


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