The Body’s Doorway is Awareness

Mindfulness meditation
Pictured Above, Judith Scott, Artist (left)
& Janice Cathey (right)


While in the high desert, Janice spent time in deep somatic practice. Turning up the volume on your body’s senses helps develop awareness and allows you to bump into patterns that distract you from your true wild self.

A low-wattage sensation runs through each of us. Tapping into this subtle energy invites us into an expansive relationship with our bodies and minds and allows us to bump into patterns that distract us from our true wild selves. Practicing with awareness channels the truth of “you.” This undercurrent of impulses, stored energy, past and present stories, trapped stress, joy, and grief within the body says, “welcome home, fellow traveler.”

This invitation doesn’t include the dogma of right and wrong. We can’t mess this up! We do not rewild in black-and-white stratospheres. Breaking free of the ideas that separate us from our body awareness takes practice. The question is, can we remain in a friendship, a romance of interest, with our body and observe how we relate to it through our thoughts? We can call this the in-between space, our essence, our inner self. This is a doorway toward the full spectrum of humanness, emotions included.

What are you dreaming of? What inspires you? When do you experience joy? When we stop feeding our interests and resist our hunger for the sacred, we run into dullness. Seekers unite! There’s hope for each of us to remain present in our moods and overcome our dissonance. This is, after all, the extraordinary path of being kind to yourself rather than being divorced from your feelings and state shifts. We live in a world illuminated by stormy weather and disembodied entertainment which spoon-feeds a failure of imagination. There has never been a better time to step over the threshold into the interpretive dance of rewilding. And because we’re all invited to this dance, you are not alone.


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