Slow Living

Mindfulness meditation

Slow living is a way to nourish our lives. How we attend to our livelihood shapes us. What we give our attention to molds our inner being.  The space of slow living allows us to be more observant of our inner and outer world.  It increases our capacity to adapt and thrive. Shifting awareness away from the demand of our screens allows us to give attention to a different mode called slow living.


We are not wired to download masses of information. The pace of life is eye-popping, in your face, and very fast. It isn’t sustainable for any of us. Our nervous system has adapted over time to be in balance with nature but if you are not in nature rebalancing the body naturally is hard to do. We cannot just be on. Living a full life is exhilarating. Slowing down is a necessary part of the adventure. 


What does slow living look like? We often perceive quiet as not productive. We look at it through a negative lens. We live in a world that is analytical and likes to be linear. First this, then that, and eventually, the goal. And yet the pandemic has shown us that there has got to be room for adaptation.

We have been on fast forward for some time. The industrial revolution brought speed and technological advancements. We hope for even more advances to transform our relationships with energy and resources. Yet even as we move forward, we can learn from old wisdom. Indigenous cultures have practiced slow living for centuries, attuning themselves to the planet’s rhythms. 


How can we engage with slow living? How do we prepare ourselves to remain resilient in the presence of such rapid change? We can be mindful of ourselves and our sense of being. It is a practice, a ritual, and we have to carve out the time to intentionally move slowly and be with ourselves. 


Slow living doesn’t need to be structured. It can be an extended pause where we notice the infinity that exists between zero and one. Are you tasting your food? Are you having a conversation with the people you are eating with? Are you present with the people in your life? Are you present with yourself? This is a journey worth examining.


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