Slow Medicine

Mindfulness meditation

Slow Medicine is a return to natural healing. Practicing medicine in this way returns the practitioner and the receiver to the natural, physical, and spiritual rhythms of wellness. It has a lot to do with how we are effective over time. Fast and furious change does not bring sustained change. Going too quickly under-serves us, and limits the depth of what is possible. 


The body functions on a hyper-localized systems approach. Reinforcing what’s working, rather than seeking out what is not working, allows for those functional systems to improve the whole. This is healing, not curing.


We nourish and continue to innovate in a way that upgrades systems. We are looking at, What can we come in with? We are not working to take anything away, but instead are asking, What can we lend support to? What can we help thrive?

The body and mind are very receptive to this approach to care, which is based on the Chinese Medicine model. This is how Chinese Medicine works. These are positive covenants. Our innate strategy and intention are to bring support and to build on what is already working for individuals. We increase what is working well. 


Slow medicine is sustainable. We want transformative change, sustainability, and healing. These things take time to unfold and to process. Our bodies pay for fast and quick changes. There are repercussions for going too fast. Well-being and building resilience address the impact of trauma or pain over time, and that tells a story. Our story is juicy, fertile ground for the raw data we need in order to make changes and to transform health. 


Our method of care is to encircle each patient and infuse them with care. It is hyper-specialized. It is hyper-localized. Slow medicine is a way to invest your time and intentionality alongside our intentions, to build a relationship. A sustained relationship makes the difference. 


Slow medicine is a new form of healthcare. This is the way forward.


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