Small Changes, Big Results

Mindfulness meditation




Making small changes can bring big results. Often, we think of big results as coming through big, dramatic changes. However, the right kinds of small changes can support our natural healing processes. When we know how to get out of our own way, we can experience easier transformation. 

Slow, mindful movements can make profound changes. They feel almost too easy because they aren’t about working the muscles. Instead, mindful movement is about working with the nervous system. Moving slowly and with attention improves the connection of that movement with the brain. This tones the nervous system overall and teaches the body how to move more functionally. 

Nourishment can also make big changes to our health. Often, we think that nourishment is about nutrition and what we do and do not eat. However, we aren’t always able to absorb those nutrients to be fully nourished by them. Small changes in when and where we eat can help us receive more nourishment from our nutrition. Sitting down to eat, eating at regular times, and sharing meals can all greatly improve our digestive health and level of nourishment. 

Changing our story through reframing is another small change that brings big results. It doesn’t change the facts of what has happened, but it does change how we think about it. It can help us take the “should” pressure off of ourselves. It can also help us notice good things in our lives, and find a new path forward when we feel stuck.  

Transformation doesn’t require big changes. Instead, the right kinds of small changes can create an easy path forward. Mindful movement, nourishment, and reframing are all ways we can make small adjustments and get big results.


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