The Stress of the Moment

Mindfulness meditation


We are in challenging times, which means that our bodies are likely to be in overdrive, responding to the stress of the moment. We can think of stress as being like superpower mode, where our entire system shifts its biology in order to run and fight and win the day. We also need to acknowledge that superpower mode comes with a biological cost.  Stress is an amazing adaptation in our bodies. When provoked by physical, emotional, or social circumstances, we shift. Our lungs and heart speed up to give us more oxygen and blood. Cortisol and adrenaline pump into the blood stream so we can take fast action. Mental focus shifts, pouring resources into problem solving and threat assessment.  However, our stress response, as superpowered as it is, is not designed for long term response. When we are working with challenges that do not resolve quickly, our bodies can get stuck in stress mode and that comes at a cost. We can develop chronic muscle tension, anxiety and depression, digestive upset, trouble sleeping, and more.  We need to reset our stress levels in order to restore health. Allowing the mind body system to relax, release tension, and come back to center helps us feel so much better! Our bodies are then able to better regulate digestion and sleep. Inflammation levels go down, Mental clarity improves and moods begin to stabilize.  Releasing the stress of the moment is a way to reboot our system and stay supple. The challenges we are facing are not going to resolve themselves tomorrow, but that does not mean that we have to carry the stress of that with us all day every day.


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