Summer Stress Relief Meditation


Smiling Breaths


School’s out for summer, routines are off, and the dishes are piling up. For all of you spending these long summer days playing chauffeur and short order cook to the little ones you love so dearly, we hope the ancient wisdom of this simple Smiling Breaths mindfulness practice offers support.


Smiling Breaths is a simple and beautiful meditation for stress relief and overwhelm. Doing breath work for stress is effective and beautifully aligned with ancient wisdom.



Transforming Suffering

Neurobiology is interested in the human condition and the transformation of suffering. The ancients gifted us with practices that help us pay attention to our breath’s quality. When we integrate the two we find pathways toward healing.

Janice Cathey offers, “The practiced body breathes into her feet, unlike those who only know to breathe as far as their throats. This idea is inspired by Zhuangzi, 3rd century BCE.”

You have creative agency. When we are overwhelmed with life and its demand for attention, we can reconnect to our body like a painter’s brush. Utilizing breath, we can metabolize our suffering.


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