Support for PTSD

Mindfulness meditation

Integrative healthcare provides incredible support for PTSD and C-PTSD. There is growing awareness of the existence of traumatic stress and how common it really is. Awareness is the first step! The next step, though, is to find a path to feeling better. That’s where we come in. 


All our providers are trauma-informed. We are specifically trained in how to support patients with histories of traumatic stress. We know how to meet you where you are, and sometimes that means slowing everything down until you feel more comfortable. It’s not a delay in your care. The slowing down IS your care. 


Our care is for your whole person. Trauma affects your whole self, and so your care needs to treat you as a whole, body and mind. Integrative healthcare can interrupt the feedback loops that keep the stress cycling through your system.

Somatic Bodywork Integrative Medicine

Mindfulness practices empower you.


Mindfulness is a powerful tool when working through trauma responses. It doesn’t have to look like sitting still, either! Mindful movement practices like somatic processing, medical qigong, and feldenkrais all help quiet your internal alarms and bring you more present in the moment. 


The more we breathe, the better we feel. Breath helps shift our nervous systems, calming the alarms and allowing our bodies to rest and be nourished. Traumatic stress can cause us to lock up and make it hard to breathe deeply and easily. Releasing this tension can make a huge difference in how you feel! 


Relief for PTSD is possible, and integrative healthcare can make a difference. A lot of pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety relates directly back to traumatic stress. Integrative care can empower you to change your baseline and feel better. 



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