Sustainable Healthcare

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Change the geometry of how we do health.

Designed around whole systems working together, sustainable healthcare stays connected to the people on the ground, both patients and providers. Relationships with patients stay at the center of care, moving towards more effective treatment. 


Mindful awareness is a cornerstone of sustainable healthcare. Even when life is clunky, mindful awareness of the entangled nuances of wellness helps us understand the ecology of being healthy. Mindful awareness works to help keep the big picture in mind and to realize our collective responsibility to the whole. 


Innovation often happens on the margins of big systems. Think about the industrial agricultural system and how it compares with local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). The smaller, more local farmers are able to create systems that are more accountable to the web of life. They are more grounded, as in on the ground, and so they are more connected with the direct impact of their choices. 

Sustainable systems are regenerative.

They create networks of support that nourish each other in cycles. Instead of depleting resources, they generate energy and lifeforce. This is where we plant new seeds for growth. We want healthcare that generates and regenerates health. 


To get there, we want to infuse bodies and minds with beautiful livelihood. We want to close the gap between where we’ve been and where we want to go. A generative approach means that we are responsive, and accountable, creating capacity instead of overloading our systems. Sustainability is about the sacred being in relationship with one another.


Sustainable healthcare isn’t speculative, but it is nuanced.

It begins with the idea that none of us can pour from an empty cup. Providers can fill your cup when their own cups are full. The more we all stay grounded in connection and relationship, the more we are able to create regenerative systems of health and thriving.


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