The Energy Body

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Energy is universal and surrounds us all the time. And each of us has an energy body. Healing wisdom teaches us that energy is the movement of information through systems. All living materials generate a vibration of electromagnetic fields. These fields create patterns expressing themselves as light, sound, shapes, and bio-fields that can receive information and deliver instructions. Through mirror neurons, we reflect and share energy with the environment. We are connected. We are not just a collection of bodies and systems with stories.


What creates the Energy Body?

The cellular activities within our physical body create our personal energy field or energy body. Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has researched and developed reliable, scientifically validated tools and technologies that help people improve their emotional balance, health, and performance. HMI has also conducted intriguing research on how the heart’s magnetic field radiates outside the body and can affect others.

Our energy fields are a repository for our experiences throughout life. Our personal and inherited memories, emotions, traumas, and injuries hold an energy pattern that correlates with our lives.


The Energy Body and Integrative Health

A comprehensive view of our body, mind, and spirit promotes transformative recovery and healing, including an understanding that we are energetic beings having a human experience.

As integrative holistic practitioners, we are driven by a single consistent goal: utilize holistic health methods to promote therapeutic transformation. This approach goes beyond symptom relief. Our care is proactive prevention for long-term health and healing.

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