The Future of Healthcare

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The future of healthcare is whole bodied and personal. We are whole people, and we need healthcare that supports us as a whole, not just pieces of us. We also are all on our own unique health journeys, and so one size fits all healthcare is just not enough.  What we think, feel, and believe has an effect on our health. Stress is one of the most talked about examples, but all of our states of mind directly affect how we feel in our bodies. Anger, sadness, excitement, and joy all change our physical being. What we believe about health, aging, and healing helps determine what those look like for us.  Health and illness, in turn, impact our thoughts and attitudes. Pain can change the way our brains function. Certain diagnoses can have large emotional consequences. Discomfort and distress color our ability to engage with the world.  Integrative healthcare works with you as a whole person. We reduce stress and support the behavioral health aspects of health. Integrative treatments are the least likely to interfere with conventional treatment. This is one reason why doctors recommend it so highly; it’s safe and it helps.


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