The Meaning of Ha.Lé

Mindfulness meditation


Ha.Lé is pronounced ha-lay, like hallelujah.  Ha.Lé is a name from our founder’s Vietnamese heritage, meaning Breath of Life. 

The breath of life moves through us moment to moment. When we purposefully change our breathing and allow it to soften and deepen, we can stimulate our vagus nerve. Stimulating the vagus nerve helps to turn off our stress responses and cue the body to relax, nourish, and heal. Our breath can literally be a key to create health and healing. 

Ha.Lé means Home in Hawaiian. 

Home is a place of comfort and safety. It is a place where we feel free to relax and let go of the stress that can make us hard. Home is a place where we nourish ourselves, rest deeply, and heal from injury and illness. 

At Ha.Lé, we invite you to come home. Come home to your body. Come home to your breath. Drop in to the ways that your own body and mind are speaking to you, telling you about this experience you are having. 

And the same four letters in English say hale, which means healthy. 

Hale means healthy in a way that is hearty and full of vitality. It is a way to thrive in the world, with our full mental and physical resources. 

These meanings layer on top of each other. They also connect to form a pathway: working with the breath can help us come home to our bodies and minds, which in turn helps us create health.  Our bodies and minds are biological systems that are complex and full of potential for dis-ease, healing, and health. At Ha.Lé, we invite you to come home for nourishment and support.  


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