The Power of Healing

Mindfulness meditation

The power of healing comes from within. It is a frequency. It is a vibrating interaction.


When this power is generative, it supports life, health, and balanced growth. It is a part of resonance and how we nourish, nurture, and heal.

We all coexist with frequency. It is the feeling of the systems of life that we exist within. Ecosystems are a great way to understand this concept more fully.

Soil needs certain elements, like nitrogen, microorganisms, carbon, and other elements. It is not as fertile if there is too much of any one element. Each component in the soil is feeding the plants and living beings around it. These relationships represent the frequency of the soil.

When we have really sparse ecosystems or an environment that is really far away from a rain or water source, it still works. The ecosystem works with what it has. In the same way, our bodies work with the conditions of what is available to us.

Disruptors cause a frequency to change. And disruption is a part of our reality. There is no perfect landing strip of stable frequency that we can all live in. We can’t escape our reality. Instead, being in resonance with frequency is a creative process of being.

There are also decentralized and distributive frequencies. When frequency isn’t generative, it lessens its force and loses capacity over time. If it gets too dispersed, it loses its generative capacity.

Generative frequency has a ripple effect. When you look at root systems that span hundreds of miles, there is resilience in the ecology of those plants. In the same way, when we are grounded with a feeling of support, that is a generative state. Our own energy is medicine for healing, and that power lives within each of us.


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