Therapy Balls and Rollers

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Therapy balls and rollers are incredible tools that can deepen your self-care practice. They are able to address your muscles, joints, and other body structures in uniquely helpful ways. They also build mindful awareness and help you better tune in to what will best support your own body.  A therapy ball or roller can roll along a tight muscle or press into a trigger point. Because you are the person in charge of exact placement and pressure, you can use these tools to follow the sensation and find what works best for you. Somatics classes that incorporate these tools will be able to teach you techniques that you can then use in your personal practice.  Balls and rollers can do much more than release tension, though. They can also work with the deeper structure of the body, allowing stabilizers to reset their tension patterns. Using soft, deflated balls to provide supportive stimulation can help connective tissue adjust and can improve range of motion.  Using balls and rollers builds body awareness. Not only does it help you tune in to the exact sensations coming from your body, it also helps you learn to evaluate those feelings. You can then adjust intensity, depth, pressure, and location, following your own internal wisdom.  Therapy balls and rollers are game-changers for self-care. Using them turns our attention from the external to our own internal sensations, and works with the body in powerful, nourishing ways.


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