Treating TMJ and Jaw Pain

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Jaw pain and TMJ respond well to integrative healthcare treatments. The jaw joint is connected to a lot of nerves and sensitive tissues. Treatment needs to be holistic and work with the full context of the jaw and everything it is connected to.  Stress and muscle tension contribute to jaw pain. As tension increases in the neck and shoulders, it often recruits the muscles of the jaw directly. Integrative healthcare treatments lower baseline stress levels. Treatments can also directly release muscle tension along all contributing systems of the body, from the feet to the skull.  The structure of the jaw can also contribute to pain and TMJ or TMD. Chronic tension, injury, or other factors can affect the ability of the jaw joint to move freely and without pain. Integrative healthcare treatments are able to work with the affected structures. They can restore the healthy function of connective tissue and reduce inflammation in the affected nerves.  Rest and nourishment also improve the health of the jaw joint. We use our jaw all day, and so restful sleep allows it to rest and repair. Integrative healthcare treatments can improve sleep quality and address tension and alignment issues that keep the jaw from resting overnight. The jaw joint also needs the right nourishment in the form of nutrients, blood, and oxygen for repair. Treatment improves the availability of this nourishment to the tissues of the jaw.  Integrative healthcare is effective for jaw pain and TMJ. Treatments work with the body as a whole to support the health of the jaw joint. We can reduce inflammation, nourish healing, repair tissues, and release tension. 


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