The Transformative Superpower of the Body

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Our bodies are not single organisms. We live among trillions of other microbes that all have transformative superpowers. We are made of stardust. What is stardust if not parts of even smaller parts? Being made of stardust means that we have borrowed from the past to make the present. We are always creating, always transforming into what comes next. 


We are also in a constant relationship with the microbiome. These are the critters that thrive on us, and we on them. As everything changes, the past is broken down into ingredients for what may come next. Think of the role of fungi, bacteria, and decomposing worms. Everything is composted for later use. The body uses its energy for growth and cellular repair.

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Bodies need all these microorganisms to transmute chemicals to minerals, chemicals, and bacteria. This process isn’t an algorithm or a formula. It’s the soup of life-making life. Culture is nutritive to all life. This is key for understanding the multicultured aspect of our vast subterranean processes within our microbiome. These subterranean processes are where life begets life. 


We are not alone. We are made up of trillions of microbes, therefore we are never alone.  It matters how we are with and how we are within. In other words, our relationships matter with our gut, planet, and our space suit, individually and collectively. 


These are superpower-level ideas. The incredible scale of our relationships and how deeply we can imagine the transformative processes that are occurring creates a new narrative, a new idea, and a broader scope of how we can be present in the world. 


Being present is transformative. It allows us to be more aware of our inner relationships within the deep context of our microbiome. We are both stardust and the forest floor.


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