Treatment for PTSD and C-PTSD

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Integrative healthcare treats PTSD and C-PTSD. Traumatic stress disorders affect the nervous system, and symptoms may include anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, pain, tension, and sleep issues. Treatment to regulate the nervous system can empower the healing process and ease the distress. 

Effective care for traumatic stress begins with trauma-informed providers. Our team is specifically trained in trauma-informed care. We know how to meet you where you are, and sometimes that means slowing everything down until you feel more comfortable. Relaxing hypervigilance, even by a few degrees, opens more space for treating pain, sleep, and anxiety issues.

Traumatic stress lives in the nervous system, which means it affects both the body and mind. It can create a feedback loop that locks distressed patterns into place. Treatment, then, needs to work with you as a whole person. As the nervous system calms down, it lowers anxiety, reduces depression, improves sleep, and releases muscle tension. 

Mindfulness empowers you to reduce the effects of traumatic stress. When we turn our attention to the present moment, it helps change the feedback loops in our nervous system. By linking the mind and body through the breath, the mind is able to calm. This reduces the intensity of the feelings and thoughts associated with traumatic stress disorders. 

Integrative treatment for traumatic stress disorders, including PTSD and C-PTSD, is able to provide relief. We can help recalibrate the alarms of the nervous system in order to reduce distress and increase well being. Over time, this helps both shift the baseline and empower you with tools for self-care. 


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