Integrative Health Treatments

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Integrative Health Treatments For Your Body + Mind

We are here to help you discover your own wholeness. We’ll help you get to the source of your symptoms and empower you to continue your healing journey.

We work as a team and specialize in collaborative care. This means you have a team working together to support you. 

It takes 8 weeks of treatment to change your baseline. If we could do it faster, we would! We’ve designed our care to get to that 8 week mark and then keep going.

Schedule a 15 min phone call to discuss how we can support you, or go ahead and click Schedule Now to get started. We will meet you where you are!

Our Integrative Health Treatments

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 Whole Body Integrative Consults

Map out the treatment plan designed specifically for you

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Assisted Stretching

Relieve pain, reduce tension, and increase range of motion

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Bodywork & Massage

Reduce pain and tension and promote restful sleep

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GYROTONIC ® & Pilates

Encourage ease and joy in movement

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Mindfulness Coaching

Reduce anxiety and overwhelm and build healthy habits

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Reiki & Qigong Energy Work

Relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and nourish your whole being

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Somatic Processing

Unwind patterns of tension in the body and mind

Serving the greater Nashville area, our team has over 50 years combined experience and are fully licensed. Working closely together as a team, we will guide you step-by-step through treatments to help you become your best self.

“This was life changing because I felt like I woke up and really saw what was going on with me. I always nurtured others and not myself. I’m back to me. You know when you’re in a dark hole, you don’t see the light, you don’t know where to look, you always focus on the dark. I didn’t know how deep I was.”

-Patty B.