Values Based Healthcare

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Values based healthcare is an innovative way to provide healthcare. Our practice uses a triple bottom line that prioritizes human dignity and social responsibility. We generate health from a whole systems perspective. 

Our integrative healthcare practice uses a tool box approach. We want to empower you with resources to care for yourself. We are committed to cooperating with you in your care management. The tools we keep handy in our toolbox are the ones that are proven to support healing and create health. 

We take a systematic approach that builds energy and effectiveness. We want to create opportunities within systems. Instead of focusing on a singular system that is dysfunctional or symptomatic, we look at the whole ecosystem, the whole self. 

Treating the whole self has a bigger impact. We use strategies that provide a positive outcome. We are also evaluating whether treatment has moved the needle. Are we making a difference? Is this person benefiting from the treatment they are receiving? 

We want to create health and continually regenerate it. Health is not static, it is dynamic. We know form follows function. When a system is dysfunctional, it will create its beingness around the dysfunction. We can use awareness to reshape and sculpt that form, moving into a new shape that provides wellbeing. 

Our practice channels wellbeing to individuals. Our providers know how to generate health, and we want to share that knowledge. Our team includes a spectrum of care, from board-certified physicians to certified wellness coaches. We work together to collaborate on the further development of your health. 

As a purpose-driven practice, we provide values based healthcare. We know it to be true that when we coordinate care, we get positive outcomes. We don’t just manage symptoms, we generate health. We support the wellbeing of each individual and community we touch. 


Ha.Lé Integrative is a holistic wellness practice, serving the greater Midtown area of Nashville, TN. Click here to learn about our services.

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