Weathering from Stress

Mindfulness meditation

Stress is wearing us out.


Stress is weathering our bodies, brains, and souls and doesn’t choose sides. It affects every system simultaneously. Our body’s intelligence knows how to go from stress to rest and back again naturally, but when we’re under too much pressure, prolonged tension and anxiety prevents us from coming back from the fight or flight response, and our ability to rest and re-regulate becomes distorted.

We’re trained to “high-effort cope,” which puts a lot of strain on us collectively, and that puts a lot of stress on us. “Like tree rings, the body remembers. The constant strain – the chronic source of stress – resets what is ‘normal’ and the body begins to change.” –Stress is Weathering our Bodies from the Inside Out, Washington Post.


The Health Impact of Chronic Stress


This feedback loop of chronic stress is what’s causing us to weather our bodies from the inside out. The longer our stress levels stay elevated and the more we’re chronically depleted, the more it harms our health.

There is no such thing as immunity to stress. Grief, loss and unbearable pain are a natural part of life. We can change the habits that hold us back from the healing parts of our human nature through integrative health care practices such as:


  1. Rest and restore.
  2. Reset our nervous systems and our stress responses.
  3. Seek experiences that bring us to a state of awe.
  4. Pursue ways to better understand ourselves and others.
  5. Practice with the body and mind connection through holistic treatments like reiki, structural integration and somatic processing.

Healing for the Whole of You


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