Well Body Reawakening

Mindfulness meditation

Embodying our Future Self 

A revolution of spirit. 


When we tap into the body’s intelligence, we can feel that we are a dynamic whole. We are nature, and all of nature is in process—beginning, tending, regulating, ending, and beginning again. Wholeness is abundantly available; we just tend to forget in these times of immense stress and worldly unrest.


Wellness comes from the tone of our nervous system, not our muscles.


The vagus nerve is attuned to our psoas. Our psoas holds our capacity for our wellbeing. Our ability to be sensory aware and somatically attuned comes from the tone of our nervous system, which is interdependent on the body’s ability to sense and act with discernment.

Embodiment is sensory awareness. By taking the initiative to create change in your stress responses, you awaken to an internal strength, also known as our body intelligence.


Join us in shapeshifting the future:


Somatics and Cello

Mallorca: The Beauty of Healing

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We are here to serve as guides in developing a harmonious relationship between the vagus nerve, psoas muscle, and heart, which leads to survival, recovery, and healing. 

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