Wellness: How to Find Calm in Uncertain Times

Mindfulness meditation

Wellness is a Practice that brings calm.

Wellness is a practice. It’s like playing an instrument. The more you practice, the better. But where do we turn when life’s “dumpster fires” start to catch up with us? Health experts agree that with “the COVID-19 pandemic, global conflicts, racism and racial injustice, inflation, and climate-related disasters…there is mounting evidence that our society is experiencing the psychological impacts of a collective trauma.” (American Psychological Association 2023) With so many ways out there promising to cue peace during these turbulent times, how do we demystify both modern and ancient modalities to help manage our stress? How do we find calm in these uncertain times?

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Thankfully, science points to the multiple health benefits of mindfulness. “Studies reveal that mindfulness may reduce anxiety and depression, boost your immune system, help you manage pain, allow you to unhook from unhealthy habits and addictions, soothe insomnia, reduce high blood pressure, and even change the structure and function of your brain in positive ways.” (The Science of Mindfulness) So, where do we start?

How to Reduce Stress

We can lean into holistic and wellness practices like Mindfulness and Reiki to help manage stress and promote calm. Mindfulness is awareness in action. When we bring our body, mind, and emotions to a state of awareness, we are practicing mindfulness. John Kabat Zinn, the grandfather of mindfulness, defines it this way: “Mindfulness is awareness that comes about when we pay attention, intentionally, to the present, nonjudgmentally. Our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations are roads to awakening to our true selves.” By paying attention on purpose, we train our thoughts to respond to our overwhelming feelings with a filtering response. This practice helps slow down our stress responses.

Why Should You Consider Reiki?

Reiki is the practice of bringing the frequency of the body, mind, and feelings into balance. Researchers found that the human body’s resting or resonant frequency is 9-16 Hz depending on mass, height, and weight ratios. “Everything in life is vibration,” said Albert Einstein. Reiki helps us increase our energy levels and helps us break away from negative stressors. Energy practices like Reiki and Qigong help to balance the frequency of our body’s essential functions.

As a body-centered practice, Reiki is designed to promote and increase healing. Energy healing helps us return to a natural state of health. Integrating Mindfulness with Reiki and other energy healing practices is a holistic, accessible, and surprisingly practical way to improve your health and wellness. Life’s dumpsters aren’t likely to stop burning, so it’s up to us to develop a prosperous relationship with our wellness practices.

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