What is Fascia? Your Internal Matrix

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Fascia is the tissue that forms the shape of our body.  The dynamic matrix of our body is designed by connective tissue also known as fascia.  It is the scaffolding that shapes our bodies.  It is the most abundant tissue within us, and the inclusive connector of all things interior. 


We can think of fascia as interior architecture. It does not have the straight, linear lines of buildings, but instead uses more biomorphic shapes. Think cobwebs!  Our fascia allows for flexibility and adaptivity even as it supports our structure. 


Fascia forms a matrix within us. It connects every part of our body with every other part. It is all interconnected. It is a living matter, that has 10x more sensory nerves than muscle. It responds to our movement, our feelings, and to internal and external stimuli. 

Fascia is highly adaptive. It bends, shapes, and morphs. It is not geometric and patterned. Instead, it is highly innervated, highly mobile, and has the ability to adapt immediately to stimuli.


Our body, in its awesome intelligence, functions at a very high level, with cohesion and cooperation. Fascia forms the matrix of our fluid functional form.  The quality of our design and how it functions are interdependent on our fascial integrity. 


When we work with fascia as a system of connectivity we create new solutions to old problems. Buckminster Fuller coined the term tensegrity, which refers to a structure that maintains its integrity through balanced tension. Fascia has tensegrity, and that understanding can give us a new sense of ourselves as highly adaptable, resonant beings.


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