What is Mind Body Therapy?

Mindfulness meditation


Mind Body Therapy is a therapeutic somatic or yoga practice, specifically designed to address your personal health goals. Using movement, breath, and imagery, it works with the connection between mind and body to access and rebalance dysfunction.  A Mind Body Therapy session begins with a conversation about your health, your history, and your own experience of living in your body. It then creates a practice specific for your condition. You will practice this series of movements in the session, while your doctor or therapist fine tunes it for you. Finally, we will write them down for you to take home, so that you can continue the practice every day.  A good analogy for Mind Body Therapy is that it is like a dose of movement. Like supplements or medicine, you will practice one dose each day. You wouldn’t skip 3 days and then take 3 pills to make up for the missed days, and for Mind Body Therapy, you also shouldn’t skip 3 days and then do extra. Most people’s practices take 15-20 min of dedicated time, and committing to practice every day gets the best results.  Generally speaking, Mind Body Therapy requires slow, gentle movements timed by the breath. It is not a vigorous or aerobic practice, but instead a way to reset the nervous system. It helps to balance the functioning of the organs, address structural issues, and support mental health. It can be targeted to treat specific health conditions like chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression, digestive syndromes, migraines, and more.  Mind Body Therapy can be compared to a cross between physical therapy, yoga, and meditation. It is targeted to your specific health conditions like PT, involves gentle movement and poses similar to restorative yoga, and it very deliberately engages the mind through imagery in order to benefit from some of the same mechanisms as meditation.


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