What is MindBody Biocognition?

Mindfulness meditation


MindBody Biocognition helps you effectively change things in your life that seem otherwise stuck or unchangeable. Based on Dr. Mario Martinez’s research as a clinical psychologist, it begins with the deep unity of body and mind, and how to work with it.  There are things that we cannot change through thought alone, because some of the deepest foundations of self are encoded in the body just as much as they are in the mind. We have to access this unity of body and mind in order to effectively change some of our most foundational understandings of life and our place in it.  This is why Dr. Martinez says that the causes of health are inherited. Our health and longevity is one example of something that is fundamentally connected to our mindbody. In order to change what we have learned about health and aging from our culture, society, and family, we need to be able to access a different space than habit changes and positive thinking are able to address.  MindBody Biocognition with Dr. Martinez is taught in a student-mentor relationship. He is able to guide you through specific processes to effectively change and shift aspects of your life. As you learn and experience the effectiveness of biocognition, you will be empowered to do more of it on your own.


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