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We collaborate with your current doctors to treat the whole of you. Integrative health is based on evidence, based on science, based on you. We support what works best for your health and body, and love to collaborate on your care.  Personalized healthcare. You are the expert on your own health. You know how you feel. You know your own health history and context better than anyone else. Your experience is unique to you, and effective healthcare needs to meet you where you are.  Whole person healthcare. We are complex biological organisms, where everything is connected to everything else. Fragmented care isn’t enough. Integrative healthcare works with your whole person to get to the source of your symptoms.  Evidence-based healthcare. Our treatments are proven to be effective. Integrative healthcare addresses your concerns and supports your goals. Based on science, we map out the treatment plan that will work best for you.  Integrative healthcare is personalized healthcare that treats your whole person. Our evidence-based treatments complement the care of your other doctors. You are at the center of your care.


Ha.Lé Integrative is a holistic wellness practice, serving the greater Midtown area of Nashville, TN. Click here to learn about our services.

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