The Wobble of Stability

Mindfulness meditation

The wobble of stability happens because balance is not static. Acts of instability are a key part of stability itself. The earth wobbles as it spins around its axis. Babies wobble as they learn and explore. We, too, are designed to shift, wobble, and move.

We are undergoing tectonic shifts. Everything about who we are and what we are doing is going through deep processes of change. And as we go through these changes, we have to know that they can’t stay theoretical. Whatever we are working on has to come out and be tested on the front lines of everyday life. 

We are designed to shift throughout the day. If we try instead to stay in safe, benign spaces all the time, it can bring us down.  Yes, changes and shifts can feel uncomfortable, but they keep us in process. When the scales are tilted in one direction and you are seeking equilibrium, that is when you wobble. That is the process of engagement. 

Old structures are crumbling. Much of the world, as we know, has been built on the backs of colonial idealism. Those systems are tumbling down, even as they cling to power. The temptation is to abandon ourselves and to give up our own needs. These tectonic shifts are too big, too much, and too heavy. To abandon ourselves out of overwhelm is easy to do.

We need to steady our focus. In Taoist traditions, the idea of steadying yourself for martial arts is about steadying the mind and the body. This steadiness creates a sense of calm. It also creates a deep sense of balance. This sense of balance persists through complex movements. It is the balance in the wobble. 

We are all on this learning curve. Buckle in, these tectonic shifts are a seat of much therapeutic learning. It takes innovation and radical truth to keep going when we feel unsteady. We have to really see ourselves, and grow our compassion. We have to practice our steadiness in order to whirl and wobble toward something that we can’t yet see.


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