Work with Intention and Notice Change

Mindfulness meditation




We live with the mind in the driver’s seat, being the driver. Our emotional thoughts are like the top 10 hits, playing over and over and shaping our journey. We can change the radio station when we start to observe and name those patterns. 

Practicing presence is the art of self-management. It allows us to meet challenges for personal and professional growth. Pervasive suffering is like living in the trance of unworthiness. The fear of falling short blocks our full potential, or our full intelligence. It prevents us from enjoying the moment. 

Stimulus and response is a sacred space where we can pause and create a clearing in the dense forest of life. Working with intention takes time and a literal practice where noticing becomes the essence of transformation. When your mind isn’t clouded with unnecessary things, it can be the greatest flowering of your life. 

We are creating a wise relationship with thought. We aren’t trying to stop thinking, we are cultivating a wisdom response in relationship with our thoughts. It’s been said that thoughts make a good servant and a poor master. 

“My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which have never happened.” -Mark Twain


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